Board of Directors
Board of Directors


Abidin, President Director

Abidin is an Indonesian citizen (born in 1962), becoming President Director of the Company since 1990. He is a former Production Manager PT Singamip and General Manager PT Hi Tech Agratekron Sempurna. He is also the head of Apindo DPK Batam, Head of Apindo DP Riau Islands and member of Advisory Board of PSMTI.

Bidin Yusuf

Bidin Yusuf, Director

Bidin Yusuf, an Indonesian citizen (born in 1958), held the position as Director for Operational since 2007. He is former General Manager PT Sat Nusapersada Brothers and also former Supervisor PT McDermott Indonesia. He obtained his Diploma Degree from International Corresponce Schools.


Megawati, Director (Non Affiliated)

Megawati, an Indonesian citizen (born in 1977), becoming director of the company since 2007 and also Finance Director. She previously held position as Accounting Manager of PT Sat Nusapersda and Secretary Cum Finance Manager PT Kyotronics Indonesia. She is now Finance Director of PT Sat Nusa Persada. Prior to this, she was an Accounting Manager of PT Sat Nusapersada. Megawati is also former Secretary Cum Manager PT Kyotronics Indonesia. She obtained her Diploma Degree from Thames Business School – Singapore.


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